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Bringing the Gallery to your Home

Helping modern art lovers and collectors create original modern art for their home and business

I'm Mel, your personal art sommelier.
An art sommelier does with art, what a sommelier does with wine.
Let me explain...

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and tried to order a glass of wine with your meal, only to have a waiter hand  you a 100-page wine list?   We have all been confronted with that black-hole of wine lists, where the choice of salivating sauvignons and bouncy Bordeauxs are overwhelming.  All you know is  that you want a glass of grown-up grape juice – stat.

Before you break into a cold sweat, in swoops a sommelier, your knight in shining… knowledge.  Sommeliers asks a series of questions to profile your wine style and recommend a wine that pairs perfectly with your meal.  Even if you don’t know you, they know you!

Do you get the same overwhelming-wine-list feeling when you’re thinking about investing in a new piece of art for your home of business?  You want a bespoke piece of art for that blank wall, but where do you begin?  If only there was such a thing as…well…an art sommelier.  Someone to help figure out what you want and what you need. 

Pick me. I am an art sommelier! (A phrase I coined after a stint of 20 years in hospitality and a background in fine art).

I am a highly-qualified fine artist and photographer and can help you figure out your personal preferences. During our consultation, we’ll take a journey into figuring out what you want and what you like.  I help you through the process so you can create and buy original art pieces for your home or business.

A sommelier pairs wine with your meal and I pair art with your personality

Bespoke one-one consultation to help you choose art and design a signature display for your home

As an art sommelier, it’s my job to create art and pair it with your personality. I make creative suggestions for your home or business, based on your taste preferences.

buy Original Modern Art

Fine Artist and Photographer

I am a fine artist and photographer who works closely with modern art lovers and collectors to create original – and unconventional – art for homes and businesses.

I deliver bespoke pieces that help bring the gallery to your home, without even having to leave the comfort of your living room.

It starts with a simple consultation and we take it from there. One-on-one consultations beat standing around awkwardly at pretentious wine and cheese gallery evenings! Everyone knows that most people only go for the free wine and over-matured brie.

Ditch the gallery box wine, forget the brie and let’s chat!

I am Melani Joubert, your art sommelier.

My friends and family call me MEL

I am a London - Cape Town based contemporary artist...

specialising in fine art and fine art photography. University of Cape Town is where I studied Fine Art, and London is where I spent many years in the hospitality industry (opening bars and restaurants). 

My love of wine combined with many years in the hospitality industry saw me drawing a few parallels between art and wine, hence the birth of the “art sommelier”.

These days when I am not making art or taking photos, I play hockey and taste wine (But not at the same time).

Ready to taste some art?

Let's Chat! (Over a glass of wine?!)